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Yona is Offline


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Basic Profile
Age: 20
Birthday: September 26
Sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Prefer not to say
Country: Romania
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra Size:
Favorite Position: Doggie Style
Eye Color: Brown eyes
Hair Color: Brown Hair
Smoker: By Request
Languages: English, French, Spanish
About Yona
is a good day now the las two days as not that good, because here was so hot and i not feel soo good.
but now i'm happy to bee here and to talk to u, to have fun and to have e good moment.
i don't what to say only that co here to have fun is a nice time and i want to feel good. kiss kiss  

Dear dear diary, today one day as beautiful as it is not so hot outside, a little rain and now it's cool. Instead they are very upset because I have many friends and no one to talk and have fun. instead we have a good friend who is with me here every day and talk to me, I can say that I love and I would like very much to other friends I have and so good. What is most important in life than who you talk to have fun. I sit alone and if my parents are away from me is hard, so I'd better have who vb. anyway I woke up this morning and I'm sure more will I make today a good friend, even more. Kiss Kiss and thanks for lost time in your life to read some of my journal.

06/08/2010 Dear diary should tell you what I did today. Behold the time has come!
I was alone with him. I simntit comprised of a terrible fear, but I have to happen again.
I let my head back and closed my eyes.
As for the first time, we do not like, but I knew what he wanted, and it actually wanted.
I looked at him. He asked me if I'm ready, to which I answered yes. I was glad I was with him at that moment and not another.
His hand lightly on my skin was walking towards the place and said:
- I try to be as careful.
When I saw what I was holding in his hand cut off breathing.
Wry do what they said. asked me to open it more.
Suddenly I simntit pain, although I scream was a moment too late.
Now begin to *****. What had to happen happened.
He was the first guy who did it. He said:
Be quiet, I removed one !!!... and I simntit relieved!
In a later realized that I knew to do their job.

And skilled dentist was the first time I was taking out a mass !!!....)))

08/07/2010 Dear diary ........ This morning, the coffee, I saw on TV a nice lady who explained a great way to harmonize with the area where you live - Feng Shui. I hark to that is just about to show us a book like this. I ever understood me, the thing would be as follows: Area home reached correspond to a specific area of the body or our spirit. If not harmony in the room, body and soul are cabbage. In other words, if you put a seat-of-mboulea, can you Crash a kidney. Seated sense of mass without the seizure so you can make. etc.. I looked around and I realized that I have a soul too. As if I would have guessed his thoughts, she said that feng shui space size does not matter. Everything is to arrange your room as soon feng shui. "In any case, the bed should not be placed parallel to the front door or window," she said bluntly. That's it! That's why I do not feel too good sometimes. It is true that the bed is not really in the window (however, would fit the wardrobe and library), but the door is parallel. Now I am in a big dilemma: I would move perpendicular to the door, but can not be opened May 1 for fall risk than across. A solution would be to enter the room, moving perpendicular to the bed, I sleep and the next day he sat down again (as they are at work, I care less for your home Feng Shui). But as I go to the bathroom at night? I am in dilemma if you have any idea who can help me, I will chew it tells you.
So much for today. Kiss Kiss
big man :D
a fool boy
Kinky Attributes
Masturbation, Nipples, Pain, Slave/Master, Tongue
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